Is this a pyramid company?

No.  A pyramid company is where there are no products similar to a chain letter.  OurGV has over 1,000 stores with millions of products that we earn commission on as well as website sales that cost millions but have set up and hosting fees way smaller than industry standards.  Affiliate marketing is being employed by most retailers to gather traffic to their websites.,,, and thousands of others gather affiliates like to bring them traffic since one site may not be enough. OurGV customers and members are given the same ability to gather other customers and members and get paid on the sales through those affiliates. We also offer NextlevelLeadership in which NLL provides consistent mentorship through weekly training, blog posts, videos, larger advanced monthly webinars, streaming video and live training. In addition, we offer the best online marketing tools to help you propel to the next level.

The reference "pyramid" often refers to the structure an organization will take shape of as affiliates are gathered.  This shape is also reflected in every business, non-profit, or institution that has more than 2 people involved.