What is the best way to follow-up once you have shared the basics about the business opportunity, and what is the best way to close?

First, there are a couple things I’d like you to remember when prospecting nationwide. 

1) Keep in mind that prospecting, whether it is local or long-distance, is a system of sharing and sorting!  Not everyone will be looking for the changes that OurGV can bring them or open to the company at this time in their lives.

2) Your primary objective on the first call should only be A) build rapport, B) create interest, C) assign the prospect a task of looking or listening to a brief bit of information about your opportunity, and D) book a follow-up appointment.

Once the first-call process is achieved, you should follow-up with your prospects with the mindset that you’re simply sorting people either in or out, seeking only the legitimate candidates who are serious about starting a business and are willing to invest in themselves as well as their business to get started.

For example, let’s say out of 50 prospects you make contact with and go through steps A-D, you should expect to reach approximately 30% for the follow-up appointment. Using 50 prospects as the example, you should expect to continue speaking with approx 12-15 prospects. Out of those 12-15 you can expect roughly half to be legitimate candidates to go to the next step, which brings us to your question.

The most effective way to continue your sorting process and put new distributors in your business is to… 

1) Ask them if they reviewed your information. If not, then start over by re-booking another follow-up. If they’re not willing to follow your instructions then they are not very qualified for your time!

2) Once you know they have reviewed your information, ask them what they liked best about what they saw or heard. 

3) After briefly discussing their interest or hot buttons, tell the prospect you would like to introduce them to your expert who has more experience and now they have a thriving business, etc.