I am thinking about using leads for the first time, but I was wondering ... how long does it usually take to get results with them?

The time frame for success with leads is different for every person, depending on skill level and persistence with any particular lead program. A specific recommendation I give to people who are using leads for the first time is to give yourself at least a 12-month period to track and improve results.

It’s important to remember that your first 6 months of using leads is your learning period. This is the period in which you are developing your comfort with the call script, testing email letters to prospects to see which ones are effective, discovering the different ways to overcome objections, and fine-tuning your step-by-step system of following up with your leads.

It may or may not take you 6 months before you have polished up your skills and started recruiting 5, 10 or more new mebers into your business every month. But, as beginners, some people won’t find themselves at that level unless they commit to 6 months of learning the ropes.

Go in with the mindset of using leads for 6 months before you make a decision as to whether or not leads work. Leads WILL work, if YOU work them. Commit to leads like you commit to your business. Just like building any business or even starting a personal fitness program, leads require TIME and COMMITMENT.