How does a non-profit's supporter shop to support their non-profit? Is their a code?

Each non-profit has a specific OurGV Mall website address.  For example, if the non-profit s name was ABC, their Mall site may be  As long as the shopping is completed on the non-profit s OurGV Mall website, the shopping will be credited to their favorite non-profit s fundraising efforts!  No registration from the supporter is needed.  Most stores are automatically tracked back to the non-profit when shopping on the non-profit's OurGV Mall site.  Occasionally, the merchant information page containing the merchant link will request a forwarded email receipt to and include the non-profit s OurGV ID (which is listed); when the emailed receipt is needed, bright flashing yellow lights will highlight this step.  We recommend for non-profit supporters to change their computer's home page to their non-profit s OurGV Mall or add their non-profit's OurGV Mall website to their list of favorites.